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This booklet gives information of a general nature and is not intended to be relied on by readers as advice in any particular matter.

You should consider consulting a financial adviser regarding how this information may apply to your own circumstances.

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Whether you want to read more about superannuation, get advice from a financial adviser, or make a complaint, there are many sources of help available.


Some useful sources of information right at your fingertips include:
For insights into key superannuation topics as well as access to the SuperSeeker facility to find lost super. or
For information on the changes to superannuation designed to make it simpler, including changes that took effect on 1 July 2007 and those that take effect from 20 September 2007. Or call the helpline on 13 10 20.
A comprehensive guide to choice of superannuation fund.
For money basics and a life stages approach to understanding money. Whether you're buying a mobile phone, having children, have lost a partner, received a windfall or are about to retire, this website provides useful tips.
ASICís FIDO website provides 'financial tips and safety checks' and information about financial matters, including superannuation. Or call the infoline on 1300 300 630.
The Centrelink Financial Information Service provides information about government payments and information services.
The National Information Centre on Retirement Investments is a free, independent, confidential service, which aims to improve the level and quality of investment information provided to people with modest savings who are investing for retirement or facing redundancy.


Superannuation and retirement planning is a very important part of financial planning. It's quite a challenging area as it involves complicated rules and requires an understanding of investments, taxation and social security.

Expert advice from a professional can help you determine what your short and long-term goals are and identify appropriate strategies to meet them. By law, a licensed financial adviser must comply with legal obligations, including making sure consumers receive honest and competent advice.

For helpful hints about choosing a financial adviser, visit:

  • or call the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 1300 300 630
  • or call the Financial Planning Association of Australia on1800 626 393.

ASIC, in association with FPA, have published a free booklet Getting Advice: A practical guide to personal financial advice, which contains some useful information about getting professional financial advice.


  1. If you are not satisfied with how your super fund has handled a particular issue, your first course of action should be to approach your fund. By law, all super funds must have an internal complaints system. You can ask to have the matter addressed through their formal complaints system.
  2. If you are not satisfied with your super fundís response or they have not given you a response within a specified timeframe and your complaint is still not resolved, you can then contact the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT).

This independent body set up by the Federal Government to help resolve complaints can be contacted by calling 1300 780 808, visiting, or by writing to:

The Secretariat
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
Locked Bag 3060
GPO Melbourne VIC 3001

In addition to the SCT, you can contact the Financial Industry Complaints Service (FICS) on 1300 780 808 or via

For more information, read ASICís 'You can complain' brochure available from



A financial adviser can also help integrate superannuation as part of a more holistic approach to financial advice. Some other areas you could consider getting financial advice on include:

  • setting financial goals
  • budgeting
  • saving and investing
  • protecting your family with insurance
  • accessing Government benefits
  • managing tax
  • retirement planning
  • managing debt
  • estate planning
  • planning for unforeseen events
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